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Socıo-Demographıc Profıles Of Turkısh Orthodontısts And Retırement
1 Selçuk Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi Ortodonti Anabilim Dalı  
Turk J Orthod 2003; 16: 102-107
DOI: 10.13076/1300-3550-16-2-102
Key Words: Orthodontists, socio-demographic profile, retirement

The aim of this study was to 1. Determine the Turkish orthodontists’ socio-demographic profiles, financial status, and the opinions about the retirement; 2. Make warnings to the orthodontists about determined problems, 3. Take preventive measures against these problems, and 4. Constitute a reference for the future national and/or international surveys to make possible the evaluation of changes in Turkish orthodontics. Socio-demographic information forms were conveyed to 300 orthodontists who determined as registered to Turkish Orthodontics Society, between January 2001 and February 2001. In these forms 32 questions about demographic properties, health and social insurances, patient and working data’s and opinions about the retirement of orthodontists’ were asked. Finally, 167 forms were mailed back. All datas were saved to the computer and during the descriptive statistical evaluation, SPSS package programme was used. Return rate was calculated as 55.66%. This study presents Turkish Orthodontists’ socio-economic profiles and opinions about the transition to retirement. In generally it was determined that Turkish orthodontist population was young, they selected dentists for marriage, found social and health insurances insufficient and on account some part of them have make private retirement. Besides, it was determined that orthodontists were not got ready about the transition to the retirement and generally they have not taken any measures against to accidents, injuries, and death. As a conclusion, it was thought that, similar annual new projects reflect the changes during tmi and it helps to compare the datas among different countries.

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