Turkish Journal of Orthodontics
Case Report

The Importance Of Therapeutıc Class Iı Approach In Adult Cases Wıth Perıodontal Problems: Case Report


Fribourg Kanton’u Okul Dişhekimliği Servisleri Ortodonti Bölümü

Turk J Orthod 1995; 8: 124-131
DOI: 10.13076/1300-3550-8-1-124
Read: 962 Downloads: 811 Published: 26 July 2019


In adult cases with periodontal problems caused by malocclusions, the rapid correction of the teeth’s position with a short lasted orthodontic approach is necessary. Some orthodontic treatments or therapies realized with tooth extractions can relatively shorten the duration of active orthodontic mechanics. Especially in class II adult cases having mild skeletal problem or not, the therapies done by upper first bicuspid extractions can rapidly construct a functional occlusion resulted with the stabilization of periodontal conditions. In this study, a moderate dental class II adult case with local periodontal problems treated by class II extraction therapy is presented and so on this orthodontic mechanic and the clinical results are discussed.

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