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The Effect of the Chin-cap Treatment on the Growth and Development of the Upper Jaw for the Individuals with Skeletal Class 1 pattern

Neslihan Üçüncü (Karabekir), Sema Yüksel (Ilgar)

(Turk J Orthod 1988; 1: 59-65) DOI: 10.13076/1200-3500-1.1.59

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Apexıfıcatıon Durıng Actıve Orthodontıc Treatment

Alev Alaçam, Sema Yüksel

(Turk J Orthod 1989; 2: 357-360) DOI: 10.13076/1300-3550-2-2-357

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Orthodontıc Treatment Of A Dılacerated Maxıllary Central Incısor

Sema Yüksel, Alev Alaçam

(Turk J Orthod 1989; 2: 361-364) DOI: 10.13076/1300-3550-2-2-361

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