Case Report

The Treatment Wıth Hıghpull Headgear And Bonded Rme In Hıperdıvergant Maxıllary Narrowness (Case Report)


  • Seher Gündüz Arslan
  • Jalan Devecioğlu Kama

Turk J Orthod 2003;16(3):207-223

The aim of this presentation is to represent the treatment of 3 cases with highpull headgear and RME. These cases were skeletal hiperdivergant and had maxillary narrowness with posterior crossbite. In oral inspectation of all of the three cases Angle Class II malocclusion and posterior crossbite was present. In cephalometric inspectation maxilla and mandibula was retrognathic and also hiperdivergency was present in vertical direction. All of the patients were treated with bonded RME and highpull headgear. 700 grams of force applying headgear was asket to war 15 hours a day to the patients. RME screw was turned once a day. After we reached the desired expansion bonded RME was kept in the mouth for a while to work as a bite-block. This combined treatmend lasted for 2 months. After that the treatment continued with fixed appliances. Maxillary expansion is done without any increase in vertical dimensions. Good occlusion, overbite and overjet relation is established in all three cases. All cases were estheticaly pleasing. As a result, hiperdivergant cases with the need of RME, can be treated successfully with bonded RME and highpull headgear and this leds us to control the vertical increase.

Keywords: Hiperdivergant, Maxillary narrowness, Bonded RPE, Highpull headgear