Case Report

Spontaneous Palatal Expansıon Followıng Sınusotomy In A Rme Resıstant Adult Patıent


  • Banu Çakırer
  • Ayhan Enacar

Turk J Orthod 2002;15(3):193-199

Nonsurgical rapid maxillary expansion is a common treatment technique used in maxillary deficiency patients by orthodontists. In order to facilitate, expansion of the maxilla in adults, various combinations of lateral and palatal osteotomies and corticotomies have been used as an adjunt to mechanotherapy. In this case report an adult female patient with a significant bilateral maxillary posterior crossbite is presented. During orthodontic treatment, with the Hyrax appliance in the mouth, the patient had to go through a sinusotomy operation. After her recovery it was seen that the palatal expansion has been achieved without activating the screw.

Keywords: rapid palatal expansion, sinusotomy, corticotomy