Original Article

Soft Tissue Profile Changes Associated with the Treatment of Class III Anomalies with Maxillary Constriction and Retrusion


  • Seher Gündüz Arslan
  • Jalen Devecioğlu Kama
  • Celal Genç
  • Osman Darı

Turk J Orthod 2007;20(1):43-50

The aim of this study was to evaluate soft tissue profile changes of Class III patients with maxillary constriction and retrusion with area measurement method, following rapid maxillary expansion (RME) + Petit type face mask and fixed orthodontic appliance treatment. Cephalometric radiographs taken from 37 treated and 21 untreated Class III patients were used for this study. These radiographs were taken before and after treatment in test and control groups. Soft tissues were traced on these cephalometric radiographs. Nose, upper and lower lips, chin and free space areas were measured between the E-line and Juanita line. T-tests used to assess these parameters statistically. Significant changes in nose, upper lip, chin and free space areas were observed in the treatment group. The only mean increase occurred in chin area in control group. Increases of nose and upper lip areas were significantly different between treatment and control groups (P<0.001). Present study shows that the treatment with, RME + petit face mask and fixed appliances have an important role in profile improvement.

Keywords: RPE, Maxillary protraction, Soft tissue