Orthodontıc Treatment Is An Creatıve Actıon For The Patıent, Parents And The Orthodontıst


  • İlter Uzel

Turk J Orthod 1998;11(1):64-73

The accuracy of the clinical examinations of the orthodontist depends on the treatment method which she/he choose and beginning treatment after the acceptance of this method by the patient. If opposite failure or dropsouts happen. In every kind of treatment, characters come face to face. They are either harmonious or inharmonious. These kinds of situations are endel with conflict. Orthodontics should analyses these situationss perfectly and use them as useful as can be. This causes orthodontist to known himself and the others. Treatment relations are same of the economical and energetic sources and deep motivations.

Keywords: Orthodontic patients, motivation, patient cooperation, psychological issues