Case Report

Mandibular Third Premolar; A Cast Report


  • Mete Özer
  • Mehmet Bayram

Turk J Orthod 2005;18(2):155-162

Supernumerary teeth may be defined as any tooth or tooth substance in excess of the usual configuration of twenty deciduous, and thirty-two permanent teeth. Although supernumerary teeth may be found in any part of the mouth, they are located especially at the ends of tooth series. Unlike other supernumeraries, premolars are more likely to develop in the mandible than in the maxilla and usually resemble normal premolars in shape and size. A16-year-old female patient with a skeletal Class-I relationship and good facial aesthetics applied to the Department of Orthodontics of Ondokuz Mayis University Faculty of Dentistry. On the x-ray examination, a supernumerary premolar tooth was observed in the lower left molar area. Her lower left first permanent molar tooth had been extracted previously. After a detailed radiographic examination, a treatment plan with an orthodontic rather than a prosthetic restoration was preferred. Thus, the supernumerary tooth was included into the dental arch as a third premolar and a proper occlusion was gained in 9 months of time.

Keywords: Supernumerary teeth, Impacted teeth, Orthodontic treatment