Original Article

Evaluatıon Of Two Dıfferent Dental Age Determınıng Method


  • Semra Şahin Özer
  • Jalan Devecioğlu Kama
  • Orhan Hamamcı
  • Osman Darı
  • Yusuf Çelik

Turk J Orthod 1997;10(3):305-315

In this study, 125 females, 125 males, totaly 250 subjects between 7-12 years of age have been investigated and their teeth ages have been determined by using Nolla’s and Demirjian’s methods. The equivalence of these methods to chronological age was determined and the relability of these tests was compared by using student’s t-test. As a result, Nolla’s methods for females and Demirjian’s methods for males have been found nearly equal to the chronological age. In examination without differing sexes the dental age determined by Demirjian’s method has been found nearly equal to the chronological age in our society.

Keywords: Dental age, chronological age