Original Article

Evaluation of the Relationship between Curve of Spee, WALA-FA Distance and Curve of Wilson in Normal Occlusion


  • Furkan Dindaroğlu
  • Gökhan Serhat Duran
  • Alaattin Tekeli
  • Serkan Görgülü
  • Servet Doğan

Received Date: 12.11.2016 Accepted Date: 03.12.2016 Turk J Orthod 2016;29(4):91-97


To test the hypotheses that (i) there is a significant correlation between the curve of Spee (COS), basal arch (WALA ridge) to dental arch distance (WALA-FA distance) and curve of Wilson (CW) and that (ii) the deepening of the COS is affected by the CW and the WALA-FA distance.


Mandibular models of 50 patients aged between 20 and 35 years were scanned with TRIOS. The xyz coordinate system was determined, and a reference occlusal plane was generated. The depth of the COS, the CW, and WALA-FA distance were measured using an engineering software.


The greatest difference in the measurement of the depth of the COS between the right and left was found to be 0.41±0.50 mm in the first molar teeth. On the basis of the results of Pearson correlation analysis, there was no strong correlation between the depth of the COS, the CW, and the WALA-FA distance.


It was shown that there was no strong correlation between the depth of COS, CW, and WALA-FA distance. The CW and WALA-FA distance could not be effective in the deepening of the COS.

Keywords: Curve of Spee, curve of Wilson, WALA-FA distance