Case Report

Correction Of Displaced İmpacted Teeth İn Dentigerous Cyst With Orthodontic Treatment (Two Cases Report)


  • Jalan Devecioğlu Kama
  • Mustafa Eşref Özgür
  • Gülten Ünlü

Turk J Orthod 1999;12(2):98-103

The aim of the present study is to replace the teeth by orthodontic treatment which are impacted in anterior and posterior area of the mandibular dental arch because of dentigerous cysts. One of the cases 15 years old female patient who has impacted left lateral and canine teeth located in the dentigerous cyst. The other case is 14 years old male patient who has semi-impacted mandibular first molar a dentigerous cysts located premolar and first molar. Diagnostic records revealed impacted and displaced teeth resulting from a large radiolucent lesion. In the first case, marsupialization of the lesion would be performed to allow for decompression after which possible spontaneous descent of the impacted teeth might follow. In the second case enucleazation of the lesion for decompression. After decompression of the cysts the impacted teeth were exposed and orthodontically brought in to their proper position. At 20 months recall, relapse was not observed.

Keywords: Impacted teeth, Dentigerous cyst