Technical Note

Clear Aligner Appliances: Fabrication and Clinical Application


  • Tae Weon Kim
  • Yıldız Öztürk-Ortan

Turk J Orthod 2009;22(3):256-266

The Clear Aligner can be used to solve a minor tooth movement case and orthodontic relapse problems after treatment. It is a simple and low cost appliance which can be used by both orthodontists and general dentists. It works quickly and is comfortable for most patients. The Clear Aligner uses plastic sheets of various thickness levels. Plastic sheets are used along with a vacuum former. A set-up model is used with progressive movement of the teeth, which are positioned to ideal position. The Clear Aligner should be replaced every three weeks with a new impression taken at each visit. The Clear Aligner can carry out minor tooth movement with no brackets bonded to the teeth. Minor tooth movement including crowding resolution, space closure, arch expansion/constriction, relapsed cases, intrusion/extrusion, eruption guidance, and detailing could be done by the Clear Aligner.

Keywords: Clear Aligner, reference line, sawing, realignment, aligner aid program, interproximal reduction