Case Report

Class III Treatment with Face Mask Stabilized with Headcap (Case Report)


  • Müfide Dinçer
  • Belma Işık Aslan
  • Ayşe Gülsen

Turk J Orthod 2008;21(1):56-66

In this case report, three Class III cases with retrognathic maxilla and with skeletal or dental openbite tendency were treated with the face mask stabilized with headcap for 9–11 months. A removable appliance with 5 mm occlusal thickness were used as an intraoral anchorage. Protraction force was total of 800 g and headcap force was total of 600 g. In all cases, maxilla moved forward, mandible moved backward without any mandibular posterior rotation and Class I relationship, overbite and overjet were obtained. Following the retention period, the treatment results were stable.

Keywords: Class III, Face mask, Headcap, Vertical control