Case Report

Camouflage Treatment of a Severe Deep-Bite and Orthognathic Surgery Required Case with En Masse Retraction


  • Zeynep Büyükbayraktar
  • Cenk Doruk
  • Hasan Camcı

Received Date: 21.07.2017 Accepted Date: 04.10.2017 Turk J Orthod 2017;30(4):126-131

In adult patients with severe class II division 2 malocclusion, the ideal treatment option is the orthognathic surgery. However, camouflage therapy is also an acceptable treatment option due to its less traumatic and acceptable esthetic and functional results. In this case report, the camouflage treatment with two maxillary premolar extractions in a 21-year-old female patient who did not accept orthognathic surgery is presented. Acceptable esthetic and functional results were obtained at the end of the treatment.

Keywords: Camouflage treatment, en masse retraction, angle class II malocclusion, orthognathic surgery