Original Article

A Patient- and Family-Centered Care Approach to Orthodontics: Assessment of Feedbacks from Orthodontic Patients and Their Families


  • Mustafa Ersöz
  • Zehra Uz
  • Sıddık Malkoç
  • Mehmet Karataş

Received Date: 20.03.2016 Accepted Date: 23.04.2016 Turk J Orthod 2016;29(2):38-43


This study aimed to evaluate orthodontic patients and their families’ clinical satisfaction and their perception of dentists in the framework of the Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) concept.


The study population comprised patients treated at the Orthodontics clinic and their families. A mixed method research with quantitative and qualitative components was employed by conducting questionnaires with 62 patients and 65 parents. Collected data were recorded on the computer, and analyses were performed.


A majority of the patients who received treatment at our clinic were high school graduates, while their parents were university graduates. The patient’s and their parents’ overall satisfaction were similar. We also found that the patients and their parents expected doctors to have ethical perception and professional behavior in the treatment process.


According to the results obtained from the survey questionnaires, the patients and their parents expect a dentist to have the following qualities: courtesy, friendliness, respect, punctuality, communication skills, and knowledgeableness. Dentists can optimize clinical and patient satisfaction by providing care and attention based on the principles of patient centered care (PCC) and PFCC and shaped in accordance with the expectations of the patients and their parents.

Keywords: PCC, PFCC, patient satisfaction, orthodontics